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Perennials have long been favorites of avid gardeners. They are popular due to their longevity (many types will re-emerge for twenty years or more) and their relatively easy care. True perennials are plants that live from one year to the next after a winter die back. You may find that biennials (two year life cycle) and some tuberous rooted plants will all be lumped together as “perennials”.


One thing that needs to be stressed is that even with the hardiest of perennials there is no guarantee. From one year to the next, it is common to lose a plant or two after the winter. This can be attributed to many factors including freeze/thaw/freeze cycles, fall/winter drought periods, rodents or disease to name a few. In addition flowering perennials are plants that as a general rule have a bloom period. We usually tell customers that this can range from two weeks to eight weeks (of course there are exceptions). Usually perennial plants will be classified as “spring blooming, “late spring-early summer blooming”, “summer blooming” and “late summer-fall blooming”.


As a “heads up” to novice gardeners, perennials are not totally “care free”. Some people think that these tough plants can be treated with the “plant ‘em and forget ‘em” mentality. While there are some species that are fairly easy to maintain (Hostas for instance) others will require fertilization, dividing, deadheading, and general garden maintenance to keep them thriving and beautiful.


Boehler's carries one of the largest selections of perennials in the area. Every year we try to grow some of the new and exciting varieties that are available, while also carrying the favorites. Due to limited quantities of specific varieties, we do not name each individual variety available at this time. If you are looking for a specific plant/variety, please just give us a call or email to check availability.


If you have any specific questions regarding varieties, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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