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Add a Burst of Color to Your Garden or Patio 🌹

Annuals are plants that typically live out their life cycle within a one year time period. They usually are outstanding bloomers or producers and most will flower or bear fruit for the spring/summer season and until frost. Annuals are typically either grown from seed or as a vegetative plant from a cutting.

Boehler's also offers a wide variety of herbs, vegetable and fruiting plants. Whether planting in pots or a garden, we can help you enjoy the bounty from your growing efforts with healthy herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Colorful Zinnias
Geranium House
Annual Examples

Bedding:  Examples of bedding annuals include Impatiens, Marigolds, Petunias, Begonias, and vegetables. They are usually grown from seed and sold in flats, which makes them great for mass planting and very cost effective!


Vegetative:  Examples of vegetative annuals include Bacopa, Lantana, Geraniums. These are typically grown from a cutting and many are newer plants and varieties with patent protection on them. Most can be used in a wide variety of containers and as combo-type planters. They will typically be pricier and therefore, are not usually mass planted, but used as focal points or in smaller planting areas.

Wide Variety Available 🍅

We carry over 100 different varieties of bedding, vegetative, fruiting, vegetable and herb plants giving you a lot of options for your gardens and containers.




If you have any specific questions regarding varieties, please contact us.

Caladium (Elephant Ear)
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